Delivery Truck Accidents on the Rise

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Abraham Jaros
Updated on Sunday, Sep 3, 2023

Delivery truck accidents have gone up 52% since 2009. Many of these take place on major roads, but not on interstates.

In New York, there are specific routes that truckers are allowed to use. Nevertheless it’s not uncommon to see a massive delivery truck on a narrow street. They have to get their goods to various locations throughout the city, and this can mean having to park or back out of less-than-ideal places.

While it didn’t happen in New York, there have even been cases of delivery trucks crashing into people’s homes.

Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

Why have delivery truck accidents gone up so much?

  • Increased demand, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Employers who pressure driver employees to drive while tired or to cut corners.
  • Cost-cutting measures have led to many tire defects, accounting for 30% of all accidents.
  • Cost-cutting measures have also led to issues with brakes.
  • Drivers pressured by their employers tend to drive more aggressively.
  • The drive to cut costs can lead to overweighted or poorly secured cargo.
  • Sudden stops or sudden turns as the driver tries to get to their delivery address.
  • Inadequate training.

In many cases there are steps that these companies could be taking to prevent these accidents. Yet taking those steps would cost money. Thus, they continue to happen, and people continue to get hurt.

Catastrophic Injuries in Truck Accident Cases

When these cases don’t result in death they almost always result in major, catastrophic injuries.

Wrongful Deaths in Truck Accident Cases

74% of fatal passenger vehicle cases include large trucks. 4% of these cases involve hazardous cargo that has been handled incorrectly or which is moving in trucks that have not received proper maintenance which might allow them to handle them safely.

It is a surprise to most of our clients to find out that the trucking company tends to immediately work towards shifting the blame onto their loved one.

It takes an experienced truck accident lawyer to find the evidence of poor maintenance, poor driver training, driving while tired, or other indications that can show the fault was squarely on the shoulders of the trucking company and their employee.

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