Don’t Let Impatience Undermine Your Personal Injury Case

Written by
Abraham Jaros
Updated at Monday, Sep 4, 2023

Any personal injury attorney knows you’re eager to settle your case as quickly as possible. You need the money.

Yet, on average, a personal injury case takes 18 to 24 months to complete.

It’s essential to understand the factors that could delay your case and to prepare yourself for the long haul psychologically. A personal injury suit is a process, and you’ll have to get through that process if you want the best results.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Settling is impossible until you achieve maximum medical improvement. You’re still incurring medical bills. It’s impossible to say what your ongoing treatment needs will look like.

Your medical bills and prognosis form the foundation of any settlement. How many medical bills did you accrue? Will you ever be able to work again?

Waiting and seeing is all we can do until you’ve healed as much as you’re ever going to heal.

Legal Disputes

A personal injury case is still a contested legal matter. Few insurance companies will roll over, accept your version of the facts, and pay up.

Instead, they’re going to contest any point they can.

They’ll deny their insured is the liable party. They’ll try to prove that you were the one responsible for the accident or injury or that you failed to mitigate your losses.

They’ll dispute the damages. They might try to claim that you had a pre-existing condition they shouldn’t have to pay for or that you’re exaggerating the nature of your pain and suffering.

Your lawyer has to meet every one of these objections, present evidence supporting your claims and negating theirs, and try to negotiate a deal. Through it all, both sides bring in experts, conduct depositions, make motions and fight for the outcome they want.

Large Payouts

The more your case is worth, the longer it’s likely to take. Insurance companies will fight even harder and nitpick even more when millions of dollars are at stake.

It’s essential to remain patient throughout the process and to take care of yourself emotionally, even as insurance companies try to accuse you in one way or another. Try to take one day at a time and do your best not to panic about whether you’ll get your needs met.

The Case Needs to Go to Trial

98% of cases settle out of court, but some require a trial. Trials can take a while to schedule because of backlogging in the court, and they can take days to complete.

There’s no rushing the process of taking a case to trial. All you can do is get through it.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Use Time Against You

After an accident, insurance companies often use your desperation against you. They know you want money as quickly as possible and will usually offer a fast, lowball settlement.

Don’t accept any settlement before you talk to a personal injury attorney. Usually, what the insurance is offering won’t begin to cover even your basic expenses. Make sure you know what your case is worth.

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